СЛАВА ХРАМА – Descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles or Holy Trinity day


After hearing the words of Christ, the apostles returned after His Ascension to Jerusalem, and there, in prayer, awaited the descent of the Holy Spirit. On the tenth day after the Ascension of Christ, the Holy Spirit appears in the form of a great flaming bucture, and is distributed with flaming tongues to all the apostles.

Then they were given miraculous powers, among other things, the power to speak many languages ​​and to do wonders. Many then believed in Christ and were baptized in His name. Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates this event on the 50th day after the Resurrection or the 10th day after the Ascension of Christ (salvation) and is called SPIRITS or THREE. For this feast, the Holy Liturgy is served in our temples, fresh herbs and flowers are brought in, and after praying, kneeling and praying to God, wreaths are worn, which refer to homes and place next to the glorious icons in the house and incense.

This day is our Church Holy Trinity in Montreal patron’s day (Hramovna slava).